Take A Chance: Reconnect With Old Friends

A Familiar Name Appeared in My LinkedIn Inbox

When I saw the message on LinkedIn, my heart filled with joy. It was from a good friend who I’d lost touch with. Sometimes, we’re not even sure how it happens. Lives go in separate directions, and before we know it, years have passed. I’d looked for my friend over the years but could never find an address or phone number for her. It turns out, she’s been living in the same house she’d grown up in–right next to the same property where we’d met, and I’d spent my childhood.

As soon as I saw the message along with her phone number, I immediately texted her. The text that came back emptied my heart of the joy that just filled it. Her husband had passed away only a few days before. We ended up speaking and upon hearing her voice, the years between us ceased to exist. My sadness now lies in my sorrow for her loss, and my desire to rush to her coupled with the uncertainty of whether that would be too much too soon.

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I Drifted Apart from the Women Who Once Empowered Me

As I sat with my dilemma, other thoughts joined me. I started thinking about other friends I’d lost touch with over the years. These were women of significance in my life; women who’d stood up for me in my wedding; and women I’d shared many playdates with when my children were young. I reflected on the busyness that becomes our lives when children become school age. We start running from activity to activity and life becomes filled with travel sports, dance competitions, or any other activity kids choose to participate in.

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My children are grown now, and I no longer have “busyness” as an excuse for losing a once valued connection. Reaching out after a number of years have passed by can be intimidating. What if our friend rejects our overture? What if they’re angry or disappointed that we lost touch to begin with? What if too much time has passed, and we have nothing in common? Then, I think about my friend’s husband–his charming smile and welcoming nature. I wish I’d had a chance to say goodbye, and I wish I’d been there to support my friend through her husband’s illness.

The Time Is Now To Reconnect With Old Friends

Don’t wait to reconnect with the people who were once important to you. They will likely respond with gratitude and delight. And, if they don’t, my mom always said, “You’re only responsible for the effort, not the outcome.” Make the effort. It’s time to reconnect with a few old friends.

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