Our Family Had The Conversation About Pre-planning, Now What?

You’ve made the list of tasks, you’ve spoken your intention, your family is on board, and you feel accomplished. Then, nothing. Suddenly, preplanning a funeral tumbles to the bottom of the to-do list.

Many good plans never get executed for a number of reasons:

  • We lose motivation
  • A more interesting project takes precedent
  • We make excuses that we’re too busy
  • Or we become overwhelmed with the list of tasks to do.

Between work, taking care of children, and daily chores, making funeral arrangements for a hypothetical death seems less important than surviving a busy day. We tell ourselves, “We’ll get to it.” but we never do.

How To Preplan Your Funeral And 5 Ways To Actually Do It

Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Write It Down

It is one thing to talk about a plan; however, the plan becomes tangible when we write it down. Even if we write it in the form of a checklist, our desires take shape and become more concrete. As we check-off the tasks we’ve completed, we naturally feel capable and effective.

2. Action Precedes Motivation

Make the first call, and put the appointment in a planner or on the schedule. Small, intentional, goal-oriented steps provide the momentum to kickstart the pre-planning process. Once the initial appointments are made, motivation will follow.

3. Pledge 100% Commitment

Make the commitment to follow through with the pre-planning process. If we are anything less than 100 percent committed, there is a good chance we’ll fail to follow-through. Choosing to be fully committed creates determination and resolve. Even if we’re 95 percent attached to the project, we still have one foot out the door, and this makes it easier to find excuses to lay down our task list.

4. Time Creates Investment

You’ve carved out time in the calendar to work on pre-planning tasks and have even made several appointments. The more time you put in, the more you will be invested in finishing all of the arrangements.

5. Recall Your Intention

Remember why you chose to pre-plan your funeral. Whether it is to relieve your family of a future financial burden or the stress of planning a funeral during a time of extreme grief and lost, remembering why you made the decision will lead you to getting it done.

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