Buying Your Funeral Doesn’t Have to Make You Blue

We take care of our families – it’s just what we do. With so much of our time spent making our loved ones’ lives brighter and easier – it’s interesting that we don’t spend any time at all thinking about how we can do those same things for our families when we’re not here to take care of them anymore. 

We don’t like to think about the reality that one day (hopefully a very long time from now) we’ll be gone. We put it out of our minds, and with it, we put out of our minds any personal sense of responsibility for what happens afterwards. That we could continue to take care of our families even when we’re not here in the physical sense anymore – that we should take care of the decisions and payment for our own funeral celebrations so our families don’t have to. 

Or maybe you have thought about it, but you’re putting it off. Who wants to go into a funeral home and sit down to dwell on this difficult stuff for hours? There’s so much going on every day, it’s easy to find countless reasons why you can’t do it now.

But what if I told you buying your funeral doesn’t have to be that way?

Let’s Turn Your Funeral Into a Celebration 

What if I told you that buying your own funeral could actually make you feel good?

Within minutes you can choose your own funeral celebration package, select a funeral home provider, and buy it – all in the Everdays app. You can easily pick the perfect celebration and make sure the right people have access to everything they need when the time comes.

When you buy your funeral on Everdays, you give your family the comfort of knowing every detail is decided, saved and paid in full.

You have the power to bring peace of mind to all of your family and friends – all from an app on your phone.

4 Simple Steps to Buying Your Funeral the Way You Want To 

1. Choose the Package and Funeral Home That Are Right for You


When you control the process and can do everything right from the app, you can say goodbye to the stress of making decisions on the spot, dealing with a sales person, or not understanding what you’re buying. If you have any questions, the Everdays team is just a click or call away. No obligation to buy – just the support you need to make the best decision for you.

2. Get Your Personal Price and Buy in Minutes


Buy the celebration package you want so your family can focus on saying goodbye without the burden of planning the details and paying the bill. Everdays has great pricing options, with monthly subscriptions adjusted to the payment term of your choice. And when you buy on Everdays, you’re buying the full experience. Access to their No Stress Guarantee (they allow a 30-day free look period… if you change your mind, they’ll issue a full refund) and Concierge Service give you the assurance and assistance you need to make this important decision conveniently and comfortably.

Not only that – when you buy a celebration package from Everdays, your funds are put into an insurance policy to ensure your money is protected and will be available for your family when they need it.

3. Your Package & Details Are Secured in the App

Everdays takes care of organizing and securing all of your package details right in the app. If you’d like, you can connect with your chosen funeral home provider to meet on any additional options that are important to you. Save decisions you want your family to know about – the type of celebration you want them to have, who you want to be included, and other details that are important to you.

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4. Designate People You Trust

Your spouse, partner, children, close family members – you decide who you’d like to have access to your celebration package details. Everything your family needs will be waiting for them in the app when they need it.

Give Your Family Peace of Mind

We take care of our families everyday without thinking twice – we pay the bills, make time for visits, call to check in, drop everything to be there at a moment’s notice – being there for the people we love is really what life is all about. 

Handling the details of your final sendoff takes away the stress, the scrambling, and the financing from your loved ones. Buying your funeral on Everdays is a quick and easy way to give your family a big gift – freedom from planning and paying so they can focus on being together, when they really need it.